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An Exceptional Iroquois Bird Effigy Ladle (4.13.2015)

Iroquois bird effigy ladle
This early Native American feast ladle (now sold) incorporating a carved hawk effigy is an artifact of Iroquois ceremonial culture which embodies clan identity and symbolic meaning. While once used for practical purposes, it is now appreciated for its historic and artistic value. Read more in our journal>


Defining and Identifying Old Hickory vs. Hickory Furniture (5.18.2015)

stripe maple rustic furniture
Not all antique hickory pole furniture was made by Old Hickory Furniture Company, although that is the name people are most familiar with. This article discusses six hickory furniture manufactuers, their brands and labels, and whether having a maker's mark affects the value of a piece of furniture. Read more in our journal>


Cherry Gallery is a leading dealer in quality antique rustic furniture and accessories.

We also venture beyond strict rustic boundaries by offering antique art - fine, folk and Native American - and other genres of antique and vintage furnishings.

Our everyday pursuit is to acquire and offer antiques that have good intrinsic value and aesthetic appeal, allowing our customers to infuse their lives and homes with the comforts, refinements, and artistic expressions of earlier eras.

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Get to Know Us

In addition to selling antiques via the listings presented here, we also sell at our gallery and at antiques shows.

But our most common transactions are with established clients. Once we become familiar with customers' tastes, collecting passions, or furnishing and decorating needs, we let them know when we acquire something they might like. We have developed many friendships with antiques enthusiasts and designers this way over the years, which has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being in this business.

So please don't hesitate to call us, introduce yourself, and give us an idea of the antiques you'd like to acquire. We look forward to getting to know you, and helping you find something that you'll love.

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As spring gains a foothold here in Maine, we will be refreshing our gallery and propping the door open to welcome visitors for the season. Call ahead before driving a distance, or just stop in when our Open flag is flying. We hope to greet you here during the busy weeks and months ahead.